Professor and Ph.D. Student Support ‘The Wisconsin Idea’ Through Community Service

Dr. Michelle Ciucci is currently serving as the President of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA). Allison Schaser, UW‑Madison PhD candidate, is the Vice President. The purpose of APDA is to empower the WI Parkinson’s community through support, education, and mind/body programs. The WI APDA has raised over $150,000.00 which has been used to support an Information & Referral Center, a comprehensive information dissemination program, and 13 support groups across the state. The APDA is a very active organization. For example, just during the month of October APDA has sponsored “Polka for Parkinsons”, a Ride/Walk fundraiser, a Medications Q & A, a Senior Expo, a Photo Shoot, a Wellness Talk, A Clinician Training, and a Step‑by‑Step Pedometer program. For more information, visit