Social Media Requests

Share your news, events, and outreach efforts on CSD’s social media platforms!

Social Media Statement

  • Keep sentences short and informative. Messages should be positive and a good representation of our department’s mission. Any content that is not post ready will be sent back to the requestor to be reworked. Limited to 3 images or less.
  • Include full names of anyone who should be identified and/or tagged in the post. Include any relevant collaborating groups and links.Use the name that the collaborating group or person uses on Facebook/website for linking purposes. Typical Facebook posts are 1-3 sentences, however, they can be longer if necessary to convey content. Web news is typically longer than a Facebook post. For information/events selected for the TV, we will post up to 2 months in advance and will be taken down after event. For other postings typical length of exposure will be 2 months, but will consider special requests. Slides should be made in 16x9 format.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.