Goodnight Hall is Going Green

Communication Sciences and Disorders, in partnership with Aquatic Sciences on the 2nd floor, is happy to announce that we are making Goodnight Hall more sustainable! We are embarking on a never-before attempted task of getting an entire Campus building named by the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability as “Green Office Certified”. More information about this exciting program can be found here:

Why are we doing this?

Communication Sciences and Disorders, along with our office neighbors in Aquatic Sciences, feel our environmental actions and outlook on sustainability have meaningful and lasting impacts on our campus and community.

What will change at Goodnight Hall?

While we are still in the early stages of the multi-step program, we have found that many of our current practices of recycling/waste management already exceed the requirements for certification. We have added additional signage around the waste/recycling containers clarifying the UW-Madison policies. We have also added sealed composting containers for food waste in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor lounge areas. Used batteries for safe recycling will also be excepted at room 310.

What “areas of interest” are being certified?

The program will examine the building’s waste and recycling streams, energy and water savings, and purchasing strategies. Research groups can also get their labs certified separately:

How can I help/participate?

We encourage you to:

  • continue using the paper and plastic/metal recycling bins located on each floor,
  • use reusable cups, dishes, and silverware,
  • use the compost bins for food waste,
  • keep meetings “paperless” whenever possible, and
  • print double-sided when printing is required.

In addition to following along with the above, we will introduce some new processes for the building as the program continues. Follow along with our progress at:

Please contact Michael Block if you would like to be more directly connected to the building’s certification process or lend a helping hand.