Emeritus Faculty Profile: Michael Chial

Michael Chial, Ph.D.
Michael Chial, Ph.D.

We are thrilled to be profiling emeritus Communication Sciences and Disorders faculty members in October and November!

Today, our spotlight shines on emeritus professor Michael Chial, Ph.D.! Following retirement from UW-Madison in 2006, Professor Chial continued work in forensic acoustics and instructional software development. More recently he photographs images of places, people, and things, liberates sawdust from lumber, and designs semi-functional gizmos from miscellaneous electronic components and old plumbing. He enjoys reading philosophy and histories of science and technology.

Dr. Chial’s advice for clinical students is to “listen to your clients. You may be the only one who does.” Dr. Chial fondly remembers disrespectful pranks by doctoral students in our offices on the third floor of the bank at the corner of Park St.and University Ave. during the late 60s.

Finally, Dr. Chial’s advice for CS&D faculty is: “Don’t believe everything you think.”