New Fund Established to Assist Children and Families in Need of Clinic Services

The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic is very happy to announce a newly established fund, the Meghan Murphy Betters Days Fund, to assist children and families who are in need of services from the clinic.  The primary purpose of the fund is to improve access to the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic for children and families who are in need of assistance with clinic services. Distributions from this Fund will be assigned following standing procedures used to determine financial need by the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Meghan Murphy (BS-’92, MS-’94) was a beloved friend and Speech-Language Pathologist. During her graduate training, she was an inaugural recipient of the Family-Centered Early Intervention Interdisciplinary Training Grant, allowing her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills working with young children, their families and professionals in a team atmosphere. After graduation, she was employed with the Rehabilitation Institute in Pittsburgh, working primarily with children with Prader-Willi syndrome. Meghan also worked at Mayo Clinic in Austin, MN, supervising new SLPs in addition to her own caseload before moving to Chicago where she went back to her roots, working with young children and their families in Birth-to-Three. She had passion for her work and a huge place in her heart for the children and their families that she had the privilege of working with. Meghan was a fun-loving Badger who beamed when she saw the children she worked with growing and learning.

This fund was established by alumni and friends of Meghan Murphy – Chris Hollar, Suzi Bloedel, Amy O’Connell, and Janine Park.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please go to the donations page on our website.