Au.D. Students Provide Hearing Healthcare in Guatemala

Au.D. students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders traveled to Guatemala for a week with Entheos Audiology Cooperative this past January to provide hearing healthcare to those in need. The 42 member mission trip included nine Au.D students: Meg Pearson, Michelle Schumannm, Emily Barquest, Christine McGuinty, Kayla Berg, Jamie Herskovitz, Chelsea Reyer, Megan Annis, and Sam Hellmann. The group setup free clinics in three different schools in the Panajachel region of Guatemala and assisted hundreds of people with hearing screenings, wax removal, hearing device fittings (including making molds on site), hearing device maintenance, as well as overall teaching maintenance and education.

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Local News Coverage: UW Students’ ‘Hearing the Call’ Mission Changes Lives in Guatemala

About Entheos Audiology Cooperative

Entheos Audiology Cooperative was founded on the principle that the practice of hearing healthcare is a privilege. It is a group of prominent audiologists from all around the country who share common core values: Community, Servant Leadership and Positive Objectivity. In addition, the group founded Entheos Hearing Connection, a non-profit dedicated to bring hearing health care to those who need it locally and internationally. The Entheos team has been on over a dozen mission trips to places such as Guatemala, Zambia, Haiti and Jordan. The team returns to locations year-after-year with the idea of establishing sustainability of hearing health care in developing nations. In addition, Entheos helped found several local hearing care non-profits across the U.S. At Entheos, our goal is to connect people to greater meaning and allow their talents to shine. We put the focus on people, not the bottom line. We help maintain or return the joy of caring into our members’ practices.

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