Department Offers Summer Sign Language Course

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is happy to announce CSD 424 – Sign Language I will be offered this summer from July 13 to July 26. This two week intensive summer experience is led by a speech-language clinician who is a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing and is also a cross categorical teacher.

Students enrolled in the CSD American Sign Language summer course previous years described their experience in this University Communications feature video.

Top Reasons to Attend Summer Term

  1. Get a jump on one of our most in-demand course.
  2. Accelerated course format. Courses taught in summer term are “accelerated” because they cover what is usually a semester’s worth of material in a few weeks. CS&D 424 meets every day for 2.5 hours and students should expect to spend an additional few hours each day on reading and other homework.
  3. Lighten your load now and more time for internships or other opportunities down the line
  4. Try something new!
  5. Keep your brain active. Taking summer courses will keep your brain active all year round. The more you exercise your brain, the better it will perform.
  6. Great opportunity for rising high school seniors to earn college credit and to see what campus feels like. You get an outstanding UW-Madison experience

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