CSD Takes Part in UW-Madison Science Expeditions

Visitors to the UW-Madison Science Expedition made edible cochlear hair cells. Yum!Small scientists at the Science Expedition touched our Jell-O mold brain replica created by Carrie Niziolek and made their own molds using Play-Doh while learning about Broca's area.Hundreds of children visited our audiology and speech-language exploration stations during last Saturday’s UW-Madison Science Expeditions! Kids of all ages got hands-on experiences with the three main components of speech: the brain, the respiratory system, and the larynx (commonly known as the “voice box”). They also took a journey through the auditory system and made a cochlear hair cell. Thank you to all who explored and to our wonderful student volunteers!Children visiting the Science Expedition could see the inside of their ear canals with the help of video otoscopy!

AuD students at the UW-Madison Science Expendition.