Prosem Lecture: Gender-Based Discrimination in CSD Programs and Research

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62 Goodnight Hall
@ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Charles Lenell, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (they/them)

Charles Lenell, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (they/them)
Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Gender-Based Discrimination in CSD Programs and Research

This talk will discuss 1) the relevance of gender to CSD research/clinic, 2) gender-related discrimination in CSD, and 3) ways to support TLGBQ+ CSD faculty, students, clinicians, and clients. Sex and gender are relevant to speech-language pathology and audiology. Many communicative disorders are sexually dimorphic in terms of prevalence and manifestation of clinical symptoms.

Gender-related discrimination in CSD is negatively affecting our discipline. Discriminatory programs remained accredited despite loud and proud violations of ASHA’s Code of Ethics. These discriminatory practices lead to greater divide between the transgender and gender nonconforming community and CSD. Supportive actions and organizations will be discussed to combat this discriminatory behavior.

Author Bio: Charles Lenell, PhD, CCC-SLP (they/them). Charlie Lenell is an Assistant Professor at the University of Northern Colorado. They received their PhD from New York University and completed their Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr. Michelle Ciucci at UW-Madison. Dr. Lenell specializes in hormone and voice research. Their service is focused on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in CSD. They are a researcher for L’GASP (the LGBTQ+ ASHA caucus) and founded the national LGBTQ+ CSD Student Association, which they currently serve as Chair of the Board of Directors. With L’GASP, they initiated the CAPCSD resolution in 2022 “Resolution on Non-Discrimination and CAA Accreditation Standards” and are currently petitioning the CAA to stop discrimination in CSD (

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