Lawrence Shriberg, Ph.D.

Lawrence Shriberg, Ph.D.

Lawrence D. Shriberg, Ph.D.
June 26, 1939 – April 26, 2024

Lawrence D. Shriberg, Ph.D., passed away peacefully on April 26, 2024. Dr. Shriberg had a long and meritorious career as a Professor in the UW-Madison Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and as a Research Professor at the UW-Madison Waisman Research Center. He directed the Phonology Project and co-directed the Phonology Clinic. His research focused on “the origins, assessment, and treatment of children with speech and motor speech disorders of known and unknown origin.”

Across his career, Dr. Shriberg was the recipient of many awards and accolades. Most notably in 2002 ASHA recognized Dr. Shriberg with the Honors of the Association Award, ASHA’s highest award that “recognizes distinguished contribution to the field of speech, language, and hearing. Honors recipients are well known throughout the nation and the world for a lifetime of innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous research, creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching, or other distinguished professional contribution.” In 2004, ASHA awarded Dr. Shriberg the Alfred K. Kawana Council of Editors Award. “The award recognizes a sustained history of exemplary publications. It is awarded to a scholar whose journal articles are meritorious in terms of educational, scientific, or clinical value … and whose contributions extended over a period of at least 10 years.”

Dr. Shriberg was a kind, generous, humble person who quietly volunteered and did community service in his free time. He was highly respected and will long be remembered by so many in our field.

Compiled by Courtney Seidel

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