Jamie Murrary-Branch, M.A., CCC-SLP

Position title: Emeritus Clinical Professor, Speech-Language Pathologist

Email: jmurraryb@wisc.edu

Jamie Murrary-Branch, M.A., CCC-SLP


B.S., Colorado State University (formerly University of Southern Colorado)
M.A., Univeristy of Texas–Austin

Clinical Statement

Jamie has extensive experience in clinical instruction and practice in augmentative and alternative communication options for individuals with severe disabilities. She is a speech-language pathologist, certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association since 1983 and was inducted into the UW Teaching Academy in 2006. Jamie has been a primary contributor to a Medicaid Infrastructure Grant focusing on enhanced employment for individuals using augmentative and alternative communication systems. She organizes and coordinates the AAC training lab within the Department of Communicative Disorders.

Jamie’s clinical interests over the past decade have focused on literacy enhancement for those with AAC needs and evidenced-based practice in the area of AAC. Jamie has specialized training and extensive experience working with individuals with Down syndrome as well as children and adults along the autism spectrum. Previously, Jamie oversaw the AAC Story Time Preschool, which provides support to preschoolers with significant speech/language delays or overall developmental delays. She also oversaw clinical practica involving adults with severe and complex communicative disorders.

Representative Publications

Murray-Branch, J. and Gamradt, J. (1999). “Augmentative Communication: Strategies and Tools for Enhancing Linguistic Development and Communicative Competence in Children with Down Syndrome” in Improving Communication of People with Down Syndrome. Miller, J.F., Leavitt, L.A., and Leddy, M. (Eds.)

Murray-Branch, J. and Bailey, B. (1998). Textures as Communication Symbols. Indiana Deaf-Blind Services Project, Blumberg Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education, Indiana State University.

Weismer, S., Murray-Branch, J. and Miller, J. (1995). A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Language Development in Late Talkers. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research.

Weismer, S., Murray-Branch, J. and Miller, J. (1993). Comparison of Two Methods for Promoting Productive Vocabulary in Late Talkers. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research. 36, 1037-1050.