Amy Kroll, Au.D., CCC-A

Position title: Clinical Associate Professor, Audiologist


Phone: (608) 890-0992

331 Goodnight Hall
1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Amy Kroll, Au.D., CCC-A


B.S., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
M.S., Rush University
Au.D., Salus University

Courses Taught

CS&D 852 & 853: Hearing Assessment and Hearing Assessment Lab
CS&D 857: Amplification Lab
CS&D 891 & 892: Clinical Education for first and second year students
CS&D 893: Off-site clinical education coordinator for third year students
CS&D 894: Externship Liaison for forth year students

Background and Expertise

Dr. Kroll’s background includes clinical practice in educational, pediatric, and private practice settings.

Highlighted Activities

WSHA member and has served as Audiologist-At-Large and on various committees.
ASHA member
AAA fellow


Dramatic Play Group received the WSHA service award in 2016.


Dr. Kroll is the author of the book entitled “I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss!”