Hearing and Donuts (Brain and Bagels) Seminar

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Waisman Center
@ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Matthew Winn, PhD, AuD
Associate Professor of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Listening with Cochlear Implants: Lots of Effort Beneath the Surface

Winn is currently associate professor at the University of Minnesota in the department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, in Minneapolis MN. He directs the Listen Lab, which is aimed at understanding speech communication and what makes it difficult for people with hearing loss. He is influenced by his clinical training in audiology as well as his training in speech science and linguistics. His work focuses on the ways in which hearing impairment affects speech communication, especially the ways that are not captured by conventional clinical testing. The main contributions that define his identity in the field are his work on listening effort (particularly the details of the time course of effort and how it interacts with language processing), detailed measurements and manipulations of speech acoustics, and helping fellow scientists acquire effective communication skills. He has focused his research on people with cochlear implants, which are devices used to restore a sensation of hearing in those who have severe to profound deafness.

He obtained his Doctor of Audiology and PhD in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland and completed his postdoctoral training in developmental disabilities at the Waisman Center.

Learn more about the Hearing and Donuts Seminar Series