CSD Student Organizations

If you are looking to connect with other fellow students, undergraduates or graduate students alike, you may want to consider joining one of our student organizations!

All CSD orgs are inclusive of all genders, races, orientations, and abilities. More details can be found in each tab, as well as direct links to our specific student organization websites.  We hope to see you at one of our meetings!

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Click here for SAA's Student Organization Website (via Wisconsin Involvement Network)

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The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is a professional student organization for those dedicated to the profession of audiology. The mission of the University of Wisconsin Chapter of SAA is to serve as a collective voice for students within the chapter area and to advance the rights, interests, and welfare of students pursuing careers in audiology. Chapters will engage students in lifelong professional activities that promote and advance the profession of audiology, and provide services, information, education, representation and advocacy for the profession and the public we serve.

The University of Wisconsin Chapter has a unique opportunity to be split between two University of Wisconsin Campuses – UW-Madison and UW-Stevens Point, and holds monthly join meetings between the two campuses.

Contact the SAA President at WisconsinSAA@gmail.com for more information.

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NSSLHA exists to provide guidance and resources to students interested in the fields of speech/language pathology and audiology. Involvement in NSSLHA leads to a fuller appreciation of the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology and a greater awareness of the issues affecting these fields

  • To encourage professional interest among college and university students in the study of normal and disordered human communication behavior.
  • To assist college and university departments and local organizations interested in speech, hearing, and language behavior and disorders.
  • To provide professional information.
  • To provide a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern.
  • To develop leadership skills for students. Many NSSLHA chapter presidents go on to assume leadership roles on the NSSLHA executive council and in ASHA or the state associations.

Click here for CSD Book Club's Student Organization Website (via Wisconsin Involvement Network)

The CS&D Book Club will have two book discussions and one movie viewing per semester. Book and movie topics will include: disabilities, SES, culture, hearing, language, voice, education, and treatment methods. Themes relating to communication sciences and disorders will be discussed as a non-stressful way to engage in the course material. This club is a great way to meet other students majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders at UW-Madison! To receive e-mails about our meetings, request to join this student org!