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UW Speech and Hearing Clinic

Welcome to Over 100 Years of Service Experience to the Community!

In 1914 the University of Wisconsin-Madison opened the first speech clinic in the country.  Today we continue to create a world where people can communicate to the best of their abilities—and lead fuller, more productive lives.

The UWSHC offers evaluation, treatment, and consultation services for children and adults with speech, language, hearing, and related communication needs.

The UWSHC offers accessible, culturally competent, evidence-based clinical care for all people with communication disorders.

The UWSHC is a teaching clinic where graduate students provide service under the guidance and supervision of state-licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

The UWSHC supports equitable treatment of clients. No individual shall be discriminated against based upon race or ethnicity, religion, age, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. As a patient or client at the UWSHC, you have certain basic rights and responsibilities. We provide all services in a manner consistent with the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Code of Ethics.

General Information


For an appointment, call (608) 262.3951 (TDY/TDD Accessible)

Clinic Fax: (608) 262-6466

Clinic Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Note: The clinic generally follows the UW-Madison Academic Schedule.

Location and Parking Information

UWSHC Parking is free and is located directly in front of Goodnight Hall. Permits are issued in the clinic lobby for parking during your appointment.

Goodnight Hall, 1st Floor
1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706

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Map & Location


  1. Goodnight Hall, UW Speech and Hearing Clinic
  2. Waisman Center

Testimonials for our Audiological Services

  • “Always a pleasure to visit the clinic!”
  • “To the staff thank you for all your help.  You were very friendly people who care about [sic]  if you need help I would recommend to anyone I know and I thank you very much.”
  • “Nice staff.  I’m glad I went to the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic.” 
  • “I’m so satisfied with my experiences here.  Everyone has been so understanding and professional.  My hearing aids have made such a difference in my life!  Thank you so much for everything!” 
  • “I was referred to an ENT then ended up having tympanoplasty surgery done on 11/19/14.  As of now, I’m still recovering but my hearing has improved!  Thank you for everything and your knowledge to improve my life and wellbeing.”
  • “Awesome staff.  Thank you Dr. Jon and students.”
  • “The clinicians were great.”
  • “Dr. Buhr-Lawler - Thank you so much for fitting me with new hearing aids before my trip.  In the 20 plus years that I have worn hearing aids, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the quality of service I received at the Speech and Hearing Clinic.  Thank you!”
  • “Hi Dr. Kroll: Thanks so much for accommodating our field trip with so many hands on activities! The students had fun and learned a lot. Thanks to your grad students, too. We really enjoyed the experience.” 
  • (From elementary-school student with hearing loss): “Thank you for letting us have our field trip. I like testing Mrs. D’s hearing.”  “It was really fun to look inside my ear. I never wanted to take the headphones off.”
  • “Dr. Douglas and five student clinicians are dedicated and conscientious in meeting my hearing needs.  They even returned parts of my hearing aids to the factory twice to improve their fit (and hence improving my hearing). I am immensely pleased with Dr. Douglas’s efforts!! I should add that I’m better informed about ‘hearing’ and what I can reasonably expect.”
  • “UWSHC is [an] awesome opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing information and audiology test.  I love it!”
  • “Dear Dr. Buhr-Lawler, Thank you for the gift of hearing better.  You are such a great team.  On Easter, I could hear the little voices of 5 little girls (my great granddaughters) ages 2-5.  I heard their giggles and [their] having fun while on their Easter egg hunt.  You all made me feel so very special and I will treasure just knowing you.”
  • “Dear Dr. Kroll and Team, Thank you for all your exceptional care and kindness when you helped my father with his hearing aids. He is hearing much better which helped him enjoy his [100th] birthday party even more. You have touched our hearts. Thank you.”
  • "Dr. Hartman: Thanks again for all you have done for Liam. And [the students] too! We have enjoyed working with you all."

Testimonials for our Speech & Language Services

  • “Parent coaching was extremely helpful for me in my “playtime” with my son and enhancing his language development.”
  • “I am very happy with how professional the students were at all times around the kids. The way we were treated was so pleasant, and we felt respected as parents. We want to continue to work with the UWSHC, and would recommend your services to anyone needing this kind of treatment.”
  • “A phenomenal program run by exceptional people who made a positive impact on my son & our family’s life!! Thank you all!!”
  • “This experience was a very positive one for me (and my wife & friends). The service level was wonderful & professional. The student therapist & her supervisor have a terrific 'customer service' orientation that was a pleasure to work with.”
  • “The sessions were beneficial to my husband. He has begun reading & short-term memory has improved. Ability to perform daily tasks has improved.”
  • “This was an amazing experience for both my child and myself. The staff in AAC supported every need or question we had and gave us good ideas and strategies for dealing with communication devices.”
  • “We love coming to Preschool at your clinic. The input and sessions are invaluable to my child. We will be coming back in the fall for sure."
  • “I can not express my appreciation for being able to have this opportunity to develop my feminine voice with professional guidance. Because of the skill and understanding shown by my student therapist and her professor, I achieved a new level of confidence that I did not think was possible."