Alternative or Augmentative Communication (AAC) System

We are asked questions like, "Who uses an AAC system?" "Why use an AAC system?" or "What type of AAC system should be used?" 

The answer to these questions is complex. We provide evaluation and treatment to children and adults with little or no functional speech.  An AAC system may include a low-tech communication aid (e.g., communication board), a high-tech device (e.g., iPad or electronic device with voice output), or a combination of both.  Individuals with different types of disorders (e.g., autism, cerebral palsy, cognitive delay) or medical conditions (e.g., stroke, brain injury, ALS) may find AAC to be helpful in supporting their communication. AAC is implemented on a temporary or long-term basis, depending on individual needs. Our goal is for clients to be able to more fully participate in educational, recreational, and functional daily living activities. 

Consultation and follow up training sessions are available in the clinic or community setting. We offer group services for AAC users including:

  • AAC Talk & Toy (ToT) Time is literacy-based preschool program for children who have expressive communication needs. AAC strategies are incorporated into treatment sessions to promote speech, language and early literacy skills.

  • AAC Adult CHAT Group fosters communication interaction for persons with developmental disabilities. We provide services that emphasize functional communication and social skill development in both the clinic and community settings.