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  1. Wisconsin Public Radio’s Larry Meiller Show Interview: How to Prevent and Treat Hearing Loss

    Written on October 10, 2016

  2. Thinking Outside the Booth: Three Overlapping Categories of University Audiology Outreach

    Written by Melanie Buhr-Lawler, AuD for the Hearing Review on September 16, 2016

    Melanie Buhr-Lawler, AuD, discusses ideas for broadening hearing care outreach for the benefit of your community and state. By extending hearing healthcare beyond the walls of the traditional audiology clinic, an audiology outreach program demonstrates genuine professional care about the well-being of individuals throughout the state. Similarly, by extending learning far beyond the halls of the university, the audiology outreach program has become a valued component of the university’s AuD experience.

  3. Reflect, Mentor, Lead: A Unique Experience in Audiology Education

    Written by Melanie Buhr-Lawler, AuD, & Amy Hartman, AuD for the Hearing Journal on July 05, 2016

    Melanie Buhr-Lawler, AuD, and Amy Hartman, AuD, describe how the audiology education program at the University of Wisconsin goes beyond what is typically taught in traditional audiology classrooms. The University of Wisconsin audiology (AuD) clinical faculty have developed and implemented a program to actively teach clinical reflection, mentoring, and leadership skills to future audiologists.

  4. Horsepower vs. Hearing

    Written on June 01, 2016

    Studies have found most rural residents over age forty experience substantial hearing impairment. To raise awareness, Melanie Buhr-Lawler and students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders attend the Tomah Tractor Pull, an annual Wisconsin event that draws sixty thousand spectators.
  5. Zebra Finches Aid Neurodegeneration Research

    Written on June 01, 2016

    Bird brains might tell us a lot about how human brains malfunction in diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Michelle Ciucci's work on speech and swallowing defects in Parkinson’s patients and in rodent models of the disease has shown that dopamine replacement doesn’t noticeably improve speech quality in Parkinson’s patients, suggesting that a dearth of the neurotransmitter is not the sole cause of these deficits
  6. Research Tackles Communication Disorders in Kids

    Written on May 08, 2016

    Many children who have cerebral palsy (CP) cannot communicate effectively with the people in their life. They never develop the ability to express everything they want to say to anyone they want to say it to. Can you imagine how this would impact life, educational experiences and social interactions?

    Katie Hustad describes the research in her lab at the Waisman Center, where she and her students have been studying how communication develops in children with CP.

  7. Michelle Ciucci: New Century Scholars Grant Funds Research in Parkinson's Effect on Communication

    Written on April 12, 2016

    Michelle Ciucci, PhD, talks about how ASHFoundation funding helped with her research in how Parkinson's disease effects communication and swallowing.

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