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We are a small group of faculty, staff and students that conduct scientific research on human hearing. We are particularly interested in how the detection and recognition of complex sounds is affected by both lawful and random variation in sound as occurs in nature. A goal of our research is the development of computational models for predicting detection and recognition performance under various conditions of signal uncertainty. Other areas of research include the perception of auditory motion, auditory frequency selectivity and masking in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners, hearing assessment of typically-developing children and evaluation of the auditory preferences of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Current Opportunity

Postdoctoral Position, Hearing Science

The Auditory Behavioral Research Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has a postdoctoral position available with a projected starting date of April 2016.  Areas of specialization include: audiology and hearing science focusing on normal and disordered aspects of auditory scene analysis, sound source segregation and auditory masking.  Candidates will be expected to develop and conduct a program of independent research in their areas of specialization and contribute to ongoing research programs in the aforementioned topic areas.  Candidates trained in Communicative Disorders, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive and/or Behavioral Neuroscience, or a related field, who can address one or more of the areas mentioned above, are encouraged to apply.  Programming experience and knowledge of signal processing techniques is preferred, though not required.  Salary is competitive and will be commensurate with credentials and experience. Interested individuals should email a letter of application, current curriculum vita, and three reference sources to Bob Lutfi, Ph.D., Director, Auditory Behavioral Research Lab (robert.lutfi@wisc.edu). To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by March 15, 2016. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is an affirmative action employer and encourages women and minorities to apply. Unless confidentiality is requested in writing, information regarding the applicants must be released upon request.  Finalists cannot be guaranteed confidentiality.



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The logo was created in Adobe Photoshop and Matlab to represent, as color, the degree of perceptible change in the spectrum of a common tuning fork sound with change in bar length (z-axis), mass density (x-axis), and elasticity (y-axis).

Bob Lutfi, Ph.D.

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For employment opportunities within the ABRL, contact Bob Lutfi.