Hearing Aid Fitting, Follow-up, & Repairs

Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow-up

Our experienced audiologists provide comprehensive hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and dispensing services.  The audiologists use the results of the hearing evaluation along with a thorough patient interview to make an individualized, unbiased recommendation for hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices.  The UWSHC offers cutting-edge hearing technology with excellent warranty periods.  Our role as a teaching institution allows us to provide hearing aid evaluations and services at extremely competitive prices while also offering the highest standard of care to our patients.  Our hearing aid recommendations are made based on the most current research while taking into consideration individual needs.  All of our patients newly fit with hearing aids are seen during their adjustment period for follow up appointments in order to examine whether the hearing aids are working well and to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction.

Hearing Aid Repairs

All patients who are fit with hearing aids through our clinic are offered a warranty, and the cost of hearing aid repairs is covered fully during the warranty period. The UWSHC provides detailed hearing aid repairs for patients, whether they have purchased hearing aids at our clinic or elsewhere, at reasonable prices.  Hearing aid repairs are either conducted in our clinic or through a hearing aid manufacturer.  Our clinic works with a number of different hearing aid manufacturers in order to offer comprehensive services to our patients. 

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