Hearing Aid & Assistive Hearing Technology Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Each person with hearing loss has unique communication needs, and the goal of the experienced UWSHC audiologists is to work in a partnership with each patient to improve his or her hearing.  We use the results of the hearing evaluation in conjunction with a comprehensive consultation to make individualized, unbiased recommendations for hearing technology.  We offer cutting-edge hearing technology and make our recommendations based on the most current research.  Our role as a teaching institution allows us to offer hearing aid evaluations and services at extremely competitive prices while also offering the highest standard of care to our patients.

Assistive Listening Device Consultations

These consultations include an individualized recommendation for assistive hearing technology.  The UWSHC has an assistive listening device (ALD) demonstration area that includes telephone amplifiers; television amplifiers; amplified alarm clocks; and alerting devices such as smoke alarms, personal listening devices, and FM systems in our clinic. We can either assist in the ordering of assistive hearing technology or make a recommendation for technology for our patients to purchase on their own.

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