Custom Hearing Protection, Swim Molds, & Musician Earplugs

Custom Hearing Protection & Swim Plugs

We select, order, and fit comfortable, custom-made earplugs for use in many different work and recreational environments.  Our patients use our custom earplugs for noisy work environments, yard work, hunting, sleeping, and more. We also order custom swimming earplugs for individuals of all ages.  These are designed to keep water out of the ears while swimming.  All of our custom earplugs can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Custom AquaNot swim plugs


Musician’s Earplugs

The purpose of musician’s earplugs is to preserve the fidelity of the musical environment while providing adequate hearing protection.  We take impressions, select, and fit custom musician’s earplugs for musicians.  Individuals who spend time in loud places with music also benefit from musician’s earplugs, such as regular concert-goers or employees of loud bars and restaurants.  Audiologists at the UWSHC also take ear impressions for custom in-the-ear monitors.

Musician “concert” earplugs

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