Program Requirements

Breadth Requirements and Procedures (UW-Madison)

The Au.D. program does not require students to complete a doctoral minor, however the option is available to those who wish to do so. Acceptance of the minor requires the approval of the Au.D. program advisor and respective department in which the minor is administered.

For students who do not complete a minor, breadth requirements will be fulfilled with alternate requirements and opportunities. All students will meet with the AuD program advisor on an annual basis to discuss the breadth requirements and will complete the AuD breadth requirement form and have it signed by their advisor. See the Au.D. student handbook for further information on breadth requirements and opportunities.

Course Work

A minimum of 75 credits are required for a Doctor of Audiology. When you are admitted to the Au.D. program, you will be provided with a course sequence for the entire program. It is strongly recommended that you adhere to this sequence, although you may modify the plan in consultation with your advisor and clinic coordinator(s).

If you have an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders, it typically takes four years (including three summers) to complete the Au.D. program. If you have an undergraduate degree in another field, the program may take an additional year to make up missing course work.

Clinical Experiences

In your first year, you will participate in a clinical clerkship at your home campus clinic. Both the UW-Madison Speech and Hearing Clinic and the UW-Stevens Point Center for Communicative Disorders offer experience in adult and pediatric diagnostics and hearing technology.

In your second year, you will participate in a mix of on- and off-campus clinical clerkships. Third-year clinical clerkships are entirely off-campus. Off-campus sites include major medical centers, VA Hospitals, outpatient ENT clinics, schools, and private practices.

During the summers, you have the option to complete off-campus clerkships at out-of-state sites or sites within Wisconsin that are further away from Madison or Stevens Point.

Your fourth year consists of a 12-month, full-time externship. Typical externships are obtained at a single site and may be completed in Wisconsin or out-of-state.


All Au.D. students complete a capstone research project during their second and third years of study.  This project may involve an in-depth literature review, a limited-scope clinical investigation, a case study, or a large-scale clinical project. At the end of the third year, students present their projects at our annual capstone presentation day. See the capstone timelines for further information.

In addition, students who are interested in research beyond the capstone project, should contact faculty members for more information about possible opportunities in their labs.

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